One Picture A Day

Been taking one picture a day for a year. Then One Picture a Week. Then One Picture a Month, afterwards One Picture a Year. Now I'm only missing the picture of the decade, centry and millennium...

I was not allowed to take pictures of faces or food. Only photo-fun.


Black Beauty Crew

Togther with Anna Magnussen she and I decided to create Black Beauty Crew.

Each week we settled for an abbreviation + a colour. Then it was up to one another to create an piece of art that could be uploaded to Instagram.



When I need some visual inspiration Pinterest is an excellent tool. I have a couple of boards to collect my thoughts and ideas. Some times I just want to look at pretty pictures.



Some say that LinkedIn is the growns-ups' Facebook. It might be true. Let's connect and be LinkedIn-friends. 



Soon there will be no more. It's not you - it's me.